• PASTIC National Center, Quaid-e-Azam University Campus, Islamabad

Sr Publisher Journal Title City
1.         The Islamia University of Bahawalpur South Asia Review of Business & Admin Studies Bahawalpur
2.         Ghazia University Pakistan Journal of Environmental & Life Sciences D.G.Khan
3.         Department of Applied Lingustics Pakistan Journal of Language Studies Faisalabad
4.         Govt College University Zabana-o-Adab Faisalabad
5.         Govt College University Zia-e-Tahqeeq Faisalabad
6.         Innovative Scientific Information and Services Network Bioscience Research Faisalabad
7.         MARS Publishers Lingustic forum Faisalabad
8.         University of Gujrat Pakistan Journal of Language and Translation Studies Gujrat
9.         Abus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics Lahore
10 Association of Paediatric Surgeons of Pakistan Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery Lahore
11 Biological Society of Pakistan Biologia Lahore
12 Directorate of Agricultural Information Journal of Agricultural Research Lahore
13 Govt College University Economic Journal Lahore
14 Govt College University Journal of Statistics Lahore
15 Govt College University Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology Lahore
16 Govt College University The Journal of Political Science (JPS) Lahore
17 Pakistan Pediatric Association Pakistan Pediatric Journal Lahore
18 Pakistan Postgraduate Medical Institute Lahore Pakistan Postgraduate Medical Journal Lahore
19 Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons (PSN) Pakistan Journal of Neurological surgery (PJNS) Lahore
20 Publication International Science International (Lahore) Lahore
21 The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan New Horizons Lahore
22 The University of Lahore Asian Journal of Allied Health Science Lahore
23 The University of Lahore Nursing & Midwifery Journal of Pakistan Lahore
24 The University of Lahore Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Technology Lahore
25 The University of Lahore Paksitan Journal of Physical Therapy Lahore
26 The University of Lahore The Sky-International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Sciences Lahore
27 University of Central Punjab Paradigms-A Research Journal of commerce, Economics and Social Sciences Lahore
28 University of Education Lahore Journal of Research and Reflection in Education Lahore
29 University of Lahore Pakistan Journal of Nursing and Midwifery (PJNM) Lahore
30 University of Managment and Technology Bio Scientific Review Lahore
31 University of the Punjab Journal of Indian Studies Lahore
32 University of the Punjab Journal of Research in Humanities Lahore
33 University of the Punjab Journal of South Asian Studies Lahore
34 University of the Punjab Pakistan Geographical Review (PGR) Lahore
35 University of the Punjab Paksitan Vision Lahore
36 University of the Punjab Punjab University Journal of Mathematics Lahore
37 Agropublishers Journal of Environment & Agricultural Sciences (JEAS)) Multan
38 SPCRD Global Publishing Pakistan Review of Economics and Development Studies (READS) Multan
39 The Women University Multan Al Hidayah Multan
40 The Women University Multan Annals of Social Sciences and Perspective Multan
41 The Women University Multan Armaghan Multan
42 The Women University Multan Frontiers in Chemical Sciences Multan
43 The Women University Multan International Journal of Linguistics and Culture Multan
44 The Women University Multan Journal of Nanoscope Multan
45 The Women University Multan Journal of Statistics Computing and Interdisciplinary Research Multan
46 The Women University Multan Pakistan journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Multan
47 The Women University Multan Perennial Journal of History Multan
48 The Women University Multan The Journal of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Multan
49 Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology (KFUEIT) KFUEIT Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences Rahim Yar Khan
50 Life Science Society Asian Journal of Agriculture and Biology Rawalpindi
51 Riphah Centre of Islamic Business (RCIB) Journal of Islamic Business and Management (JIBM) Rawalpindi
52 Sargodha Medical College National Journal of Medical and Health Sciencs (NJMHS) Sargodha
53 University of Sargodha Transactions in Mathematics & Computational Science (TMCS) Sargodha